Demo 2012

by Start The Reactor

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released July 23, 2012

Engineered/Produced by Tom Case



all rights reserved


Start The Reactor New York

Corey : Bass

Rob : Drums

Luke : Guitar

Crow : Vocals

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Track Name: Hater of the Year
at the end of the day ain't no fucking body gonna steal my shine away

never gonna settle for anything less than the best of the best everybody must address this S that's stretched on my puffed out chest

dominate alpha envy hate hate hate under handed ascension greatness is mine to take

don't make me laugh your shit's fucking wack go and get your shine box

last name victory here's the first flawless a shoe in for hater of the year i hope all the bad things in life happen to just you and no one no one else just you blech

no compromise i'm way too fly i'll bring to light your played out shite stay off my lawn or i'll take your girl like i took your bike

no fair i always go first son fuck that back of the line baby boy now this is my damn party i'll shut this thing down right now top that
Track Name: Baby Factory
1./ social parasite career ex-wife hastily fertilize your free ride

since the day the first egg dropped she's found once you pop you can't stop procreate impregnate incubate dialate one too many shitty birthdays rinse and repeat

aww yeah big money no whammies stop

in a few more days there'll be thirteen me and you and Uncle Sam got another mouth to feed keep birthin' them babies to make that green a living breathing multiplyer to your EBT

provide provider the burden trickling down

2./ everybody wake up it's first of the month cash your checks and come on time to hit the mall and the bar shining bright kids left behind yeah gonna paint the fucking town red tonight you see my kin and i we were meant for a charmed life so there's no reason i can't get some rims on my new ride i won't go without so i hope all you suckers work until the day that you die

3./ runt of the litter thirteenth son unforgiving enviornment

the well has dried up the time has passed forever destined to be dead last chip on my shoulder i'll grow up fast criminal in training gun in my hand who's running the show now take entitled making my own destiny legacy see you in hell mommy
Track Name: Christmas Spirit Animal
there's traffic backed up on the Northway destination: Crossgates with cold battle hardened nerves of steel i venture out to take black Friday better stay the fuck out of my way if you see me at 'Penny's happy holidays stab you in the face for that rockstar parking space Santa's on the way only if mom and dad ever make it to that sale at Macy's and Old Navy lay away the souls of my children for that sweet lay away

i said you better watch out and you'd better not cry you better not pout i'm fucking telling you why there's a line going around the corner coming out of Best Buy ho ho ho gotta get my hands on junior's Xbox no more mister nice guy

it's a corporate nativity 'tis the season for hostility
Track Name: Big Game Hunter
since i was only a spray the dames what took my breath away were shapely in that special way lovin' big girls all day

i simply refuse to believe that the average senorita should be shaped like a ball-bat with nothing going on out back flat

give me the girls in the Lane Bryant stretch pants i'm in heaven

don't know what you're missing so much more so much more love to give huggin' and a kissin'

it takes a little bit more to whet my appetite some big ol' butts on the dance floor sure gets me feeling right

get on your bikes and ride

wanna see you move i got to see you dance c'mon turn around and let me see those pants

the looser the waistband the deeper the quicksand take it from me my friend